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a wizard point commission :) :iconmysterysneeze:mysterysneeze 16 13 minnie mouse in a rare scenario :iconmysterysneeze:mysterysneeze 5 11
Explination tags
Time to explain myself! Multiple tags at once since more than one person has thought of me. I am thankful people think of me and I may not be able to do every single tag, I wanted to take time today to say things. Also, for those who celebrate Easter, I hope your day was a great day!
Tag 1 questions:
Your Name-My name is Mysterysneeze, and in real life my name is an average name XD
Your star sign
Honestly I don't even know without having to look it up on google...
After looking it up, I'm the bull Taurus. I'm suppose to be stubborn yet kind, romantic, logical, and patient...while also having prejudice XD Some of those describe me while others are definitely not words that describe me.
Your average hours of sleep
This depends. I am EXTREMELY cranky when I get any fewer than 5 hours of sleep. I usually get 7 or 8 hours of sleep.
What are your lucky numbers ?
The cliche number 7, but also odd numbers like 12 and 394.
What's the last thing you googled ?
I'm not counting looking up my star
:iconmysterysneeze:mysterysneeze 3 4
A game knows me too well :iconmysterysneeze:mysterysneeze 9 38
A Hetalia series of small events
In an office stood two silhouettes, one angrily shouting in a thick accent while the other was smirking and was proud of the fact he had managed to start a conversation to prove that he was strong. His impressive short hair was a little wild, had silvery white hair with a sleek shine to it, and was ready to fight the louder, more angrier person. Prussia knew the first battle had been won, and he was glad that he was clearly superior to all other countries. Germany was furious that Prussia would dare consider himself higher than the great Germany!
"NO! No! You v'ill not stop me! I will rule all and will win the battle. I have It...aly...a-and Japan! Yes. Japan is much better than Italy! I mean..." Germany was sweating nervously, angry at himself for backing into a corner. Italy was by far the most lovable idiot on the planet. If anything was with pasta then he'd be the right man for the job but unfortuately when it came to He wasn't a help. Still, Germany cared d
:iconmysterysneeze:mysterysneeze 3 4
A female hero sneeze. :iconmysterysneeze:mysterysneeze 36 20
Lessons learned in school that could be helpful
School lessons learned this week.
During college this week my classes have gotten more in depth and more schoolwork was given (sadly. More homework for me XD) but I wanted to take a minute to share what I learned. Something here could help someone =)
1-The mind itself. There are 3 big sections of our entire thinking existence that happen every moment of every day while we are going out doing our own business. It is a battle between all three of them every day and most humans are totally unaware of how their own thoughts work.
The three components are:
Id-The "give me, mine-mine-mine" subconscious thoughts that strive for us to be happy. Impulses and desires. An example of this is if a stupid dog barks constantly next door. The Id part of our thoughts causes the thoughts of getting rid of the annoyance entirely.
Another example would be eating an entire bowl/cup of ice cream without any hesitation or regard for paying for it first.
Superego-The subconscious thoughts that are 'goody good
:iconmysterysneeze:mysterysneeze 7 9
Old bookstore can be a place of treasures :iconmysterysneeze:mysterysneeze 5 7 Late Happy Halloween :iconmysterysneeze:mysterysneeze 13 9 I'm Alive...with brains :iconmysterysneeze:mysterysneeze 8 16 being gone almost 2 weeks will do this... :iconmysterysneeze:mysterysneeze 4 15 Nature has kept me away :iconmysterysneeze:mysterysneeze 5 15 Tea :iconmysterysneeze:mysterysneeze 7 16 My own drawing from awhile back :iconmysterysneeze:mysterysneeze 7 6 maya mermaid OC by angelchibivocaloid :iconmysterysneeze:mysterysneeze 12 5 Nyla Request by Echedeythedragon :iconmysterysneeze:mysterysneeze 6 3


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I want to have an opportunity to contribute to DA. Points seem to be a way to do that. Any donations would be appreciated! :)

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My finals are tomorrow, Tuesday, and two more on Thursday =( I need to get ready for them more so I will not be on DA until my last final is over. I'm really stressed out and nervous to the point of being scared. I gotta do the best I can...

:hug: I hope you guys have a great week and good luck with whatever you are doing! :)


United States
First thing you will notice, I like sneezes in cartoons and anime a lot. I think they're interesting and have so many different ways to be expressed. There's so many different sounds and expressions, even in the single college I'm in right now!

I'm a friendly guy who tries to be nice whenever I can. I'm different from two years ago in the way that I am not naive anymore. I know from experience that there are things out there that people should never go through. Life can be DOWNRIGHT hard. That doesn't mean I shouldn't do the best I can, and if I can help someone else in a small way, I'll do that.

Besides sneezes, I like other things too. Dragons, macros, giants/giantesses, angels, and good people in general. Anime is awesome to me :D I find the many different styles fascinating to me. Cartoons are great too, but I like anime better

I do NOT like pornography, jerks, or misunderstandings. Oh. And calculus. I do not like calculus.


My finals are tomorrow, Tuesday, and two more on Thursday =( I need to get ready for them more so I will not be on DA until my last final is over. I'm really stressed out and nervous to the point of being scared. I gotta do the best I can...

:hug: I hope you guys have a great week and good luck with whatever you are doing! :)
Tagged again XD I don't mind and it was fun to answer these questions. Tagged by :iconumeko:


1. Write the rules

2. Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you.
3. Make your own 13 questions.

4. Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged. Don't just say "You're tagged if you read this"
5. It is forbidden not to tag anyone. (too bad ;) )

1: What's your most treasured possession?
This is a tough one. I have a lot of books and antiques I value, but if I had to pick one specific item, it'd have to be my nintendo 64. I grew up with it and it is something fun to use from time to time =) (Smile)

2: What's your ultimate comfort food?
Cheese and crackers or fruit snacks.

3: Do you rage at games? 
Yeah XD If something cheats or does something unexpected it is a real trigger to me XD

4: What game made you rage the most?
The game called real life ;) (Wink) No in all seriousness, I'd say Fire Emblem Fates Conquest frustrated me the most. Trying to not let a single person die is really frustrating because one slip up and it could result in someone's death.

5: What's your favorite season?
I prefer the fall with temperatures, but I really enjoy Spring too for the nice sights nature does...and pollen is most common in Spring ;) (Wink)

6: Coffee, Tea or Hot chocolate?
I don't like hot drinks to be honest X_X they hurt my stomach every time I have one. Out of the three, hot chocolate is the one I use.

7: What's your dream destination?
Japan :D (Big Grin)

8: What's your worst pet peeve?
When someone ignores me after I try to help them or people get annoyed with me without telling me why.

9: Morning bird or Night owl?
Night owl :) (Smile)

10: Got any tattoos? (If yes, where and of what?)
Nope XD

11: What house chore can you do without?
Dusting furniture or moping the floor.

12: Do you recycle?
Yes but only when the right things can be recycled. If there is gross things on trash I don't recycle them.

13: What's the answer to the meaning of life?
Great question! :D (Big Grin) To me the meaning of life is to become better than we are currently and to make relationships. Without relationships like friendship or family life literally becomes pointless to me. If I can help even one person a little bit in a day then my day feels worthwhile =) (Smile) I hope someday to find someone to start a family with, but until then I'll support my friends in the small ways I can ^^ the first part, becoming better, gives purpose to hobbies and chores and everyday small things. 

Bonus question: Do you believe in the paranormal? 
I like this question :D (Big Grin) Yes I do.

My questions:

1. In what condition is the room you usually are in? Is it messy or clean?
2. Where are the places you enjoy being in the most?
3. Books, video games, or TV?
4. Do you have any posters in your room and if so, what is your favorite one?
5. Are there franchises you love or wish to be a part of?
6. How do you usually pass time when bored?
7. What is the strangest food you have eaten?
8. What fantasy creature do you wish you could be?
9. Do you have a preferred mode of transportation?
10. Who is your favorite role model or hero?
11. Are there inspirations you get from someone else or a location? What are inspirations?
12. What is a silly or serious fear you have?
13. What is your own personal favorite drawing or story you have personally done?

I who wants to do this :D ...............*I really don't like tagging people but if anyone wants to do this, please do =) *
a wizard point commission :)
The same great friend of mine who drew Raven from earlier also did this. I love the Harry Potter series and Hermione is one of my favorites from that series ^^ 

I may enjoy the sneeze, but honestly my favorite thing about this is how my friend drew the wand :D It looks so cool close up...I'm a nerd and a sucker for fantasy/magic XDDDD having magic cause a sneeze? That's awesome to me :)
minnie mouse in a rare scenario
I honestly have never seen Minnie sneeze. Anywhere XD Not in an episode, book, or movie. Not even any fanart of a sneeze XD. A great friend of mine found this a few months ago and I wanted to share the find. Minnie has been around for a very, very long time. I'm glad there was a comic where she sneezed somewhere! :D

The sound of the sneeze itself is cool to me. I do not know many languages but this one is pleasant to read and I think it is Italian...I could be wrong though...

Credit goes to the comic creator. I do not know who made this.


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